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We are a lamp upon the mountain


We are a lamp upon the mountain


If we don’t know our why, then what we do is basically irrelevant.

Dyana Valentine


Dyana reinforces my belief that having a goal, a focus, a destination, is essential before we set out on the task or journey.  Before we start packing our bags we need to know whether we’re vacationing in the Bahamas or taking a tour of duty on a Northern icebreaker.  We have to choose our classes before we buy our textbooks.   You’ve got to check the recipe before you rummage through your pantry for the ingredients (and you’ll need all the ingredients before you  set your heart on forcemeat-stuffed quail in a wine reduction for supper!)

If you don’t know what you want to accomplish in your life – for yourself, for those you love, for your community or for the planet – then getting up and heading to work on time is pretty pointless.  Unless that work achieves the purpose of those accomplishments, it really is only ‘the daily grind’ with no redeeming functions other than to provide you with a paycheque.  In which case both you and your employer are getting cheated.

What’s your ‘why’ right now?  For today?  For this month?  For the year ahead?

If we don’t kno…