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Global Learning


Global Learning

My going-on-ten daughter ‘coined’ this term in our bedtime discussion this evening; I was philosophizing on how I didn’t particularly even like the term ‘homeschool’ and she suggested ‘home learning? Because it’s about LEARNING, Mom…’ I pointed out that she was quite right but that our learning took place all over, not JUST at home. She shot back without a pause, ‘Then it’s GLOBAL learning.’ I was so pleased with her expression – and since we do travel internationally on a regular basis as well as connect with people world-wide through the net – its validity, I didn’t want to disillusion her unique perception of the phrase.


Much of education is oriented, for better or worse, towards making a living rather than making a life.

Dr. Roger Walsh, as quoted by 13-year-old hackschooler Logan LaPlante at TED x University of Nevada

Much of educati…


Quit that stupid job. Learn that sport that enthralls you. Choose fun over work. Wear that ridiculous hat that you like. Take up ballet no matter what your contractor buddies say. Ask for the date. Commit too early. Do the idiotic. Follow your heart. Try the impossible. Do something crazy.

I live in this world, and I choose to follow most of its rules because I consciously choose not to face what would come from defying them. But I opt out of more and more, as my opting-out muscles grow.

Less stuff. Less TV. Less news and world events. Less bureaucracy. Less indoctrination. More freedom. More fun. More choice. More self-determination.

I live with the rest of you, and I love you guys, but you can’t choose for me any more than you’d want me to choose for you. I’m not ready to be Amish, but I’m going to make my own cocoon within this society as much as I can. My own personal bubble. Like normal society, with a few enhancements. Society 2.0.

There’s a quote that says, “If you can’t win the game, change the rules.”

So change some rules. Decide on your own game, the kind of game you might actually like to win.

And win it.

from Johnny B. Truant, at http://johnnybtruant.com/disobey/        Warning:  These are the last few paragraphs of the post, and the only ones without the F-word and several other bits of ‘bad language’.   There.  You have been warned.  

Quit that stupi…