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A delightful word with which I was previously unfamiliar – summing up in its syllables charm, elegance, and grace – mostly in fashion and clothing style, but also incorporating a philosophy of living passionately. And the same day I encountered this word, I also ran across my very own name in a photograph (no, I’m not the lucky ‘judy’ on the namecard, with a spot reserved for me at the Brave Girls Club event, but perhaps someday!) which I found contained the same elegance (and rich hues) as the painting I wanted to use to illustrate my female dandy 🙂


Today you’re going to get some names. Just the names. Follow them up. See what you think. These are women of faith and passion and learning and intelligence. When I grow up I wanna be like them 😉

Ronna Detrick
Sarah Bessey
Jan Richardson
Christine Valners Paintner
Brene Brown
Julie Daley
Dana Reynolds

Today you’re go…