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Words That Need Each Other


Words That Need Each Other

a ‘guest poem’ by my mother, whom I’m always delighted to feature. The illustration I did by hand with a single slim black brush in Photoshop, two layers, then a scattered text overlay to create the ‘sprouting’ letters.


Guest Post: A Dream Come True


As we finish off September, today I’m happy to bring you a guest post by Ana Elisa Miranda, whom I met over at the Amazing Biz and Life Academy hosted by Leonie Dawson. We share a common experience of living abroad, being expatriates, moving between cultures…being, sometimes, a stranger in a strange land.

Ana's picture

Here’s what Ana has to say!


What is your picture of a dream come true?

Living in America? A perfect trip to romantic Paris?

A perfect white-fenced house with the perfect green lawn for your perfect children to play with their dog?

An adventurous backpacking trip through South America?

Having your own business?

Publishing a best-seller?

Winning the lottery and enjoying all that money can buy?

Does it include you feeling cheerful and fulfilled (maybe even dancing around, singing or talking to cute animals around you) all the time?

I hope it doesn’t, because it is not gonna happen.

Living abroad is harder than we think; even perfect houses get leaks and insect infestations; being a business owner must be exhausting and the road between publishing a book and making to the top of the charts is a long one.

Once I dreamed of being a writer. I thought people would love my work and buy my books. I have published two books so far and fulfilled that yearning of putting my words out there. A few people have read them and told me they loved them, but I’m far from being a best-selling author. I feel happy and proud, though. I have learned a lot and received a lot of love and support.

Once I dreamed of living abroad. I can’t remember exactly why, how or where, since I’ve been living this dream for a few years. I wanted to speak foreign languages, meet interesting people and see amazing places. I have done that and much more. I have travelled around the USA and Europe and the places never cease to amaze me. I have made friends from everywhere and learned so much about their culture. Today, I live in Belgium, something that had never really crossed my mind, but it’s a dream come true. Something that took shape and it’s much better than I could have imagined myself.

Once I dreamed of finding love. I imagined that a bazillion times: how we would meet, what he would look like, how our life together would be. Needless to say, it all turned out to be different and much more wonderful than I could have pictured. He is everything I ever wanted and more: he is real. Our life together is not yet what I dream of, but I have learned to respect time.

Living your dreams involves more living than dreaming most of the times and that’s the hardest and the best part of it all. It requires a lot of believing (especially when things don’t go the way you expected them to), adjusting, adapting, surrendering and persisting.

It teaches us patience and resilience. It shows us that everything happens at the right time and that we’re the most important authors in our own story, but not the only ones.

Nothing is perfect and doesn’t have to be. We must learn to appreciate every step of the journey and know that they’re already chapters of our dream coming true.


Ana Elisa Miranda is a Brazilian living in Belgium.

Teacher, author, blogger, traveler.

Passionate about living her dreams, traveling the world, learning, sharing and living simply.

You can connect with her on http://www.anaelisamiranda.com/




GUEST POST by Laura Miller

I’ve been reading posts, links & blogs

I started comparing.

That’s really good ,
it speaks to me
I’m not sure what the message is but I love the way she says it.
That was powerful
I wish I could write (think) like her
The stuff I post is mostly fluff
Well maybe sometimes not but
anyway it’s just for laughs

I compare –

and am dissatisfied and touchy,

and a bit green

Transparency and authenticity get tossed

Lock up vulnerability – too distressingly painful

The Divine Spirit speaks

Is your name Jane or Lisa, or Dana or Judy?
Have you forgotten your name?
Have you forgotten your life?
Is an orange any less a fruit than an apple ?
Is the hand any more important than the foot?
Have you lived in Jane’s body?
Or walked in her shoes?
Has Dana walked in yours?

But they see things I don’t

They’re transparent and authentic

They’re courageous and bold

It just seems to pour out of them without effort

They sound so sure of themselves

How do you know?
Is that for you to say?
Can you read their minds?
Were you there when I created them ?

* * *  *

You stepped over the threshold and through the open door
Why are you lying on the ground crying?

Because I compared and tripped.