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Summer Days Drift in a Haze ( & two old art journal pages)


I’m just finished the semester – the final exams, the marking, the bell curve, the grades, and all the rest of the red tape that goes along with being a teacher but has nothing to do with learning.  And I’ve stepped straight from the empty desk at the office to a living room floor full of suitcases and little piles of ‘stuff to pack’.  Because we’re leaving, ‘on a jet plane’, two days from now; twenty-five or twenty-six hours of travel ahead of us and an ocean to cross.    My fridge is not yet cleaned out and there’s still laundry in the bedroom and gifts to buy and documents to sort out.  My purse is a disaster and I’m not sure where my iPhone’s charge cord is. 

All of which is to say, gentle reader, friends and family and people I will learn to know, that there will be no posts for the next couple of days, ok?    I’ll be checking in with my email and my Facebook (Bard Judith) as circumstances and internet access permits, but the next bit of ‘new content will be fresh from Canada.   In the meantime:  some postdated journal entries you might enjoy browsing and responding to.   I like comments.  Really.   Even on vacation!


Paperback Heart:  If anyone knows the original author of this quote – I haven’t been able to track it down – let me know.  I enjoyed giving it a ‘hardcover’ background, and working the date in as a stamp.



Don’t You Dare:  I love the regular encouragement from bravegirlsclub, though the relentlessly cheerful colours and bird/flower themes don’t always fit my mercurial temperament.  This graphic (to the top left of centre) had a more vintage, distressed feel, which inspired the rest of the page, and fit well with the ear-worm verse from the old spiritual ‘Balm in Gilead’.


Clarity and Challenge


I’ve been on the Questor’s Journey for a couple of years now; getting deeper into my own mind and heart, learning to walk closer with the Spirit, trying to live in peace with all men insofar as that depends on me, adding worth to the universe, and all that good stuff. 

And of course, on every journey there are the hills and the valleys, the sunny days and the rainy wash-outs, the bright snapshots with manic grins and the times you want to throw the camera against the wall, the amazing little discoveries and the dreary waiting in line for a ticket…

There were, for me, mornings I would sit on the edge of the bed with my arms halfway through my sleeves, blankly staring at the floor without the energy to finish putting the shirt on.  Evenings where I would be reading quietly on the couch and suddenly ravaging tears would overwhelm my eyes and start pathfinding down my cheeks.  Afternoons when I stood trembling outside my classroom door, unable to make myself walk through it.

And there were ‘good’ days, where my feet didn’t ache just standing at the stove to cook breakfast, where I tucked my daughter in and she would snuggle and confide and kiss and tell me how wonderful a mother she found me, where lights went on in my brain and connections of truth and power were made.  I crafted mini-workshops that encouraged and empowered my friends.  I discovered new facets and beauties of God and Creation.  

But there aren’t enough of those pain-free days; I wake each morning generally not refreshed from a drugged night’s sleep but weary, eyes puffy and spirit wrung-out.  Not willing to live, or rather, to merely exist in this tired frustration, I keep on with my journey of exploration and change. 

I read voraciously.  I surround myself with positive people, quotes, affirmations, newsletters and blogs from spiritual directors and happiness coaches and life guides.  I have spent three months of my ‘days off’ (and a thousand dollars) on traditional face-to-face psychotherapy and counselling.  I meet with other women of faith; I pray with them and for them, for healing and change and courage in our lives.  I have found and interacted with some amazing resources:  courses of self-discovery, of spiritual encouragement, of entrepreneurship…. women whose wisdom has helped to lift me up and move me on.

You’ve heard me mention them and quote them here before.  Ronna and Sarah and Kate and Danielle, Jennifer and Stacy and Christine… this summer vacation I’ll make up my link list, I promise, so you can go and get some of that amazing, loving, generous goodness that they offer.  Some is for free.  A lot is available just for the price of your name and email.  And there’s a treasure trove of valuable – even priceless – self-care available, for just about any budget.  You are worth it, so don’t hesitate.

But this week I have someone else to introduce to you.  He’s a guy named Peter Shallard. We’ve never met face to face, and we’ve given each other only about twenty minutes of our virtual time – not even at the same time – yet I’m so impressed and impacted by what he had to offer me and how he offered it. 

Peter describes himself as ‘The Shrink for Entrepreneurs’, focusing on business psychology and providing “psychological tools, tactical insight, and introspective understanding so you can unlock resources in your mind”.   Sounds a bit too prosperity-gospel? All that health and wealth stuff?  Hang on and hear me out with a positive ear, ‘k?

     A) Peter has made a free ebook available here:   I strongly recommend it; even if you don’t think you’re the entrepreneurial type, there’s a great deal of healthy value, and powerful ideas for change.  It’s free.  You have literally nothing to lose – if it doesn’t resonate with you you’ll stop reading anyhow, so you won’t even ‘waste’ your time.     B) I took his Clarity Couch offer – also for free.  With some trepidation but with complete honesty, I answered the four or five questions on the introductory form and pressed Submit.  I had a friendly and reassuring response from his assistant almost immediately, and a personal audio recording from Peter himself within the next 48 hours.  I could not believe his perception, frankness, and willingness to look at the tough issues – with a gentle challenge on how to move forward.  

While I can’t go into the details, I can tell you that I got more out of that nine minutes listening to Peter speaking to me – to me and my issues personally and caringly – than I did in the three-month-thousand-buck-therapy.   I got more insight, more challenge, and more to work with.  Peter didn’t just listen; he listened and responded, analyzed and advised. 

If you are an entrepreneur – a woman with a dream of making your creative voice available to others, a man with a vision who’s not sure where to start, a person changing their job for their vocation… go on over to and invest in yourself.

P.S. Full disclosure (nah, no secrets, just because I like that phrase): I wasn’t paid in any way for this blog post. But this ‘bard’ is very grateful to this ‘shrink’, and words of affirmation are my love language, so here’s a big page of thankfulness to Peter!


You’re responsible for your personal growth.
You. You have to find opportunities to push your envelope and explore your edges.
Anyone who offers to take care of that for you, is robbing you of the opportunity to find incredible knowledge, growth and epiphany through reality itself….
The crazy thing we forget is that art IS the original personal development. And before art, our prehistoric ancestors gazed into the night sky and told each other tales to explain their worlds.

Art + Nature + Friends

Let these three be your seminar. Let these inspire you to grow.

Peter Shallard

You’re responsi…