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Fleek: How to be it


Fleek - Eyebrows copy

Your beauty does not depend on an arbitrary grooming standard.  Whether you have naturally thick brows, pencil-thin plucked ones, or none at all because of chemo/alopecia, you can still be ‘on point’.   Have your eyebrows the way you want them and ignore the fads, because those will change.

I mean, at this present moment in history women are expected to have full breasts but flat bellies; thick hair but thin ankles; high cheekbones but low arches.  And how can you simultaneously achieve ‘thighbrow’ and ‘thigh gap’?    Throw out the standards and the things you use to measure them, say I:  whether scale or tape, pencil or nail crescent stencil.  Show up in your own face, your own body, your own beauty.  Be loving, be honest, be real – that’s as fleek as you get.