We women – not just singing birds, or peacocks, or doves – but birds of power and beauty and strength – how would we fly? What would be our course, our migration routes, our prey, our nesting grounds? Where are yours?

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  1. A response in poetic form from one of my readers AKA my mother:

    I WOULD…
    I would nest in a sunny mountain crag
    where only the wild goats leap
    no prowling jungle beast to fear
    or disturb a calm night’s sleep
    waking to the glory of morning sun
    I would fly on rapture wings
    flashing swift as the northern lights
    ride high where the free wind sings
    I would fight to capture the strongest prey
    no carrion or broken ones to seek
    but dive to attack on the prowling brutes
    that cowardly strangle the feeble and weak
    I would swoop in valleys and rise to the peaks
    splash in the lakes and traverse the plains
    rest with my mate in the forests quiet
    and challenge a race in the summer rains
    I would then go back to the warming rocks
    and the greening mountain slopes
    far above the noisy crowded dust
    These my dreams, my heart, my cherished hopes

    L.J. Miller April 3, 2014


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