House Tree Water


House Tree Water

This digital collage was inspired by an old technique used by art therapists, where they ask their client to ‘draw a house, a tree, a person’ – an updated version asks us to draw a house, tree, water, animal, sun and moon.

The client is then gently led to look at her particular interpretation of each object and how they relate; for example, a house – in dreams, in therapeutic imagery, and in metaphor and symbol – is almost always a person’s perception of self; it embodies selfness and personal identity, quite understandably.

Conscious of this particular interpretation, but not the other requested symbols, I chose to create a digital image first and look at the ‘meanings’ later…a sort of self-administered Rorschach, I suppose. (Footnote: The wolf, by the way, is the mother wolf who raises Mowgli, in Kipling’s Jungle Book…) Be gentle; this is authentic stuff here, even if the details are shaded over. Try it for yourself, in a few days when the details are fuzzier, perhaps: house, tree, water, animal, sun and moon. What comes out of your drawing or your collage?


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  1. Oh, postscript: I was happy with how the final image all came together into one rather convincing whole, but each ‘symbol’ was separately searched for and chosen for its individual appeal to me at the time. (So the ‘water’, for instance…I imagined what my ideal ‘water’ would look like – warm and mossy, wide and shallow, a stream – while for another person water might best be represented by a spring, a well, a rocky river, turquoise surf, a showerhead or even an office water cooler…) Then in Photoshop I was able to cut and paste and blend and fiddle with hues and shades as need be to blur the edges and make my illustration. It’s rather consistent, don’t you think? 🙂


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