My Desire Map 2014


My Desire Map 2014

So, following Danielle LaPorte’s ‘Desire Map’ (click the picture to visit her wonderful site) concept, I deliberately chose a series of words that I wanted to …to what? To own, to have, to manifest, to be, to receive? Words that I desire to be part of my life. Feelings that I want to be core and central. Oh, and after plenty of editing and scrawling and rethinking, I found I wanted an alphabetic and alliterative series – at first I thought it might seem a little forced or affected, but words and lists and organization are very authentically me, so I stuck with what I wanted – which after all, IS the point. Here they are, from my paper scribbles, prettied with typography and collaged with digital ephemera!

Aren’t those beautiful ideas to have, hold, and work towards? What are your core desires? Go let Danielle help you find them… and feel free to share them here, too.


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