The Pilgrim’s Handbook


My metaphor for my vocation has been that of a pilgrim’s journey.  Today I was reminded that I need to walk my walk as a guide and fellow pilgrim – just walking.

I can provide water, share my food, point out the beauty spots, help others avoid obstacles, and so on, in my character as guide and healer.  But what I can’t do is push, pull, or pick up and carry other pilgrims.  If they choose to sit down in the mud and sulk, it isn’t my responsibility.  If they start throwing mud, I am allowed to move along.  If they don’t like the taste of the victuals I’ve packed or the road map I’ve sketched for our journey, they can opt out – but I don’t need to accept any of the negativity as personal, and we all carry our own bags.

I’m not Christ, to take up the burdens at the foot of the cross, or to carry others (as in the all-too-well-known ‘Footprints’).  But I can be a guide who knows the path, its way stations, dangers, and spectacular views, and open others’ eyes along the way.

Wanna join me?  You’ll stretch mental muscles, take plenty of soul pictures, and meet other anam cara companions, on this trek…and I promise, the vade mecum is coming!



Thanks to Christine over at Girl On Fire ( for the reminder of our role as guides/teachers/mentors/coaches, which inspired this thought today!


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