Summer Days Drift in a Haze ( & two old art journal pages)


I’m just finished the semester – the final exams, the marking, the bell curve, the grades, and all the rest of the red tape that goes along with being a teacher but has nothing to do with learning.  And I’ve stepped straight from the empty desk at the office to a living room floor full of suitcases and little piles of ‘stuff to pack’.  Because we’re leaving, ‘on a jet plane’, two days from now; twenty-five or twenty-six hours of travel ahead of us and an ocean to cross.    My fridge is not yet cleaned out and there’s still laundry in the bedroom and gifts to buy and documents to sort out.  My purse is a disaster and I’m not sure where my iPhone’s charge cord is. 

All of which is to say, gentle reader, friends and family and people I will learn to know, that there will be no posts for the next couple of days, ok?    I’ll be checking in with my email and my Facebook (Bard Judith) as circumstances and internet access permits, but the next bit of ‘new content will be fresh from Canada.   In the meantime:  some postdated journal entries you might enjoy browsing and responding to.   I like comments.  Really.   Even on vacation!


Paperback Heart:  If anyone knows the original author of this quote – I haven’t been able to track it down – let me know.  I enjoyed giving it a ‘hardcover’ background, and working the date in as a stamp.



Don’t You Dare:  I love the regular encouragement from bravegirlsclub, though the relentlessly cheerful colours and bird/flower themes don’t always fit my mercurial temperament.  This graphic (to the top left of centre) had a more vintage, distressed feel, which inspired the rest of the page, and fit well with the ear-worm verse from the old spiritual ‘Balm in Gilead’.


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  1. I love these! Using the hard cover book as a canvas is a great idea and that’s one of my favorite hymns. My church is cleaning out its library and offered me whatever books I wanted before they go to the recycling. Now I have an excuse for taking them all! (I would probably have taken them all to begin with, but I wouldn’t have had as much of a reason.)


  2. Hey, Craftymadre – thanks for the encouragement and comment!

    Actually, ‘Paperback Heart’, like all my art journal pages, is completely 100% digitally created: I buy many of my ‘supplies’ from http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio and Tangie Baxter in particular does wonderful elements that are very artsy and expressive. The book graphic in this journal I do happen to remember was a free download at – he has some great freebies for digital artists…and you could always print them out to use as real papers.

    Try and then look around. I’m going to go say hi over at your blog!



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